Alternative / complementary therapies

Imagine yourselves as a landscape or a weather system. Each detail constitutes a whole, but is simultaneously constituted by it. It is impossible to imagine a rain without clouds or a sea without depth. Likewise, Dr. Bach perceived humans as wholes and not from the point of view of separate symptoms or illnesses. And as in the same way the water or the landscape shape each other, he too believed that personal experiences, but also the societies in which we live, come to shape mental or spiritual states, which in their turn are expressed through the body. In a few words, Dr. Bach connected spiritual/ emotional health to the health of the body, approaching the latter as a mirror of the soul. This idea, is what current science describes as the psychosomatic aspect of health.

Star of Bethlehem, Ioannina – photo by Tina Lygdopoulou

Dr. Bach discovered and developed flower remedies as a complete form of therapy, over a period of some years, basing it on wild flowers of the English countryside. It is a form of therapy that can exist autonomously (i.e. in order for a person to be able to process certain emotional situations) or complementary (i.e. in combination with any classical or alternative medical treatment or even in combination with the talking therapies). 

His method is simple and is comprised by 38 flower remedies, which in their turn are allocated into 7 different emotional categories: fear, uncertainty, loneliness, discouragement/ despair, excessive worrying or care for the well-being of others, hyper-sensitivity to the influences or ideas of others and insufficient interest for situations of the present. Furthermore, he created a remedy combination, else known as the rescue remedy, in order to deal with situations of crisis or intense anxiety. It can be taken orally or applied onto the skin as a salve. Flower remedies are not only used for treating humans, but also animals and plants. They do not interact with other medicines or treatments and present no side-effects.

Mallow and calendula petals/ flowers, Athens – photo by Tina Lygdopoulou

Kipos is offering individual sessions in the form of counseling or training for self-treatment, since Dr. Bach has created a therapeutic system that in its simplicity can be understood and assessed by everyone – besides, Dr. Bach was particularly interested in the notion of self-healing, as he believed that it is us who hold the key of personal health and the latter is always connected to the development of our self-awareness.

Kipos is also offering specialised seminars about the Bach flower remedies, addressing anyone who may be interested in the particular method as an aspect of personal healing, but also who is interested in including them in his/her professional activities (for instance social scientists working with other people).

Either in the form of counseling or education, the activities of Kipos can take place face to face, but also through the Internet.

Dr. Bach’s books can be downloaded for free in The Bach Centre