O Kipos [The Garden] - Workshop for Self-Awareness & Well-Being

The Garden: Workshop for Self-Awareness and Well-Being

mental health, well-being, self-awareness

Individual and group psychotherapy/ mental health counseling sessions. Alternative/ complementary therapies with an emphasis on mental health. Psychoeducation and animation group activities for adults and children. Seminars for educators and mental health/ social sciences professionals.

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The Garden focuses on both the small and the big, seeks self-awareness within nature and art, pursues a change in position and viewing, invites persons and communities into dialogue, paints with the fallen leaves of autumn, asks the running water for stories, traces the path of snowflakes in winter and gets inspired by the colors of flowers in spring or the rich scent of summer fruits.

Individual and group sessions in mental health counseling and alternative therapies. Psychoeducation and animation group activities. Seminars.