an introduction to Bach flower remedies

Dr. Edward Bach created a holistic healing system based on simplicity. His philosophy emphasised the interrelationship between mind and body with his method focusing on the restoration of balance between them.

His system is comprised of 38 flower remedies belonging in 7 emotional groups. He also introduced a crisis mixture, known by many as rescue remedy (different names depending on the brand producing it).

In this seminar we will be learning about the different flower remedies and the emotional groups in an experiential manner. The aim is to be able to choose flower remedies for yourselves or your loved ones – including animals and/ or plants – incorporating them in your daily life. We will also be learning about Dr. Bach’s philosophy of healing and the process of making your own flower remedies through practical exercises and individual/ group work.

The seminar will take place outdoors, so please wear comfortable clothes.

Date/ duration: Sunday, 28/4 from 10:00 to 17:00

Fees: 80EUR – if you would like to participate but you are in need of a scholarship, please let us know. We will figure out something, as lack of money shouldn’t be a reason of exclusion.

You can apply for registration by the 15th of April. As there is a limited number of participants, please take into account that the registration may be completed earlier depending on the number of applicants.

Early bird fees at 65EUR if you register by the 10th of March.

Place: Korakiana, Corfu – our host will be Rodakas and Eleni Christoforatou.

Other: the minimum number of participants in order for the seminar to take place is 6, while maximum number of participants should not exceed 20. The seminar will take place in English.

For further information or registration, please contact us at or call on +30 6975914941.