In dialogue: experiential journeys to Zagori, Epirus

Kipos (The Garden) in cooperation with Papigo Adrenaline is offering five-day journeys to Epirus, scheduled to take place from April to July 2023. The aim here is not only to offer participants access to particular activities, such as trekking or rafting, but also to allow them immerse themelves in the landscape, entering thus in dialogue with aspects of the surrounding nature through experiential activities. For instance, self-awareness exercises, art, delving in the knowledge of herbs and body movement, etc.

We see nature as an aspect of the self or the community and not just as the mere background of activities.

We will all be based in the village of Papigo, which will also be the starting point of each activity. Activities will be starting on a daily basis at 11:00 in the morning and conclude by 17:00, leaving the rest of the evening to participants themselves to decide how they wish to spend it. All activities will be taking place in English.

For further information please contact Kipos (through phone or email) and we will send you a full activity schedule and the registration form.

Short description of workshops per month

24-28 April 2023 – “Learning herbs, learning life”: how can you learn to recognise herbs and what can they tell you about the landscapes they grow into? How do herbs interweave with local life? How can you apply your love for herbs in the daily life with safety? Do herbs tell stories?

24-28 May 2023 – “Active Hope”: what does active hope mean and why do we need it, in order to understand and connect with the landscape? How can active hope support an expanded understanding of life, help us enter dialogue with nature, build community, process the emotions generated by climate change in an all- encompassing, creative way?

24-28 June 2023 – Through the forest, by the river”: what kind of skills do you need in order to cross a forest or a river with safety, what kind of knowledge is generated when you learn to listen to the land and its waters? What does that knowledge tell you about the people who inhabit them and their communities?

19-23 July 2023 – “Underneath a starry sky”: what kind of stories do the streams and rivers have to tell you, is there a story the forests share? Do you like creating your own stories in closer contact with the landscape around you (and inside you)? In how many ways can a story be told? And do you like listening to stories, in the evening, underneath a starry sky?