“Active hope: transforming anxiety into action”

A 2-day experiential seminar in Georgiou Farm

17th & 18th of December 2022

During the last decades climate changes are becoming increasingly pronounced. For each one of us in a different way – depending on where and how we live. Perhaps we are thinking there must be something we could do, perhaps we experience despair and the agony about all those people and their actions, firmly rooted in the old way of thinking. The same kind of thinking that brought us here.

A first step would be to dare and face how we feel. To try and explore what are dreams are or could be. Take an even further step – small or big, preferably with company – towards practising our dreams, accepting despair and transforming it into collective action.

Active hope offers a way to listening to anxiety or pain, to hope and act. It is based on the work of Joanna Macy and the Work that Reconnects.

This experiential 2-day seminar will take place at the farm of Panagiotis Georgiou, in Baldouma village of Ioannina (directions here). Either with rain (in the greenhouse) or sun (in the fields). During the seminar, tea/ coffee and lunch will be provided by the farmer hosting us.

Organised by Kipos (The Garden). Dress warmly and come!

  • Seminar dates/ times: Saturday & Sunday, 17 & 18 December, 11:00-16:30
  • Participation cost: 55 Euros per person
  • Conditions for participation: you will have to book a place by the 14th of December at info@kipos.org.gr, by filling in the registration form and paying the seminars fees

Please note: in case weather conditions are particularly harsh or covid19 change prohibiting gatherings, the seminar dates will be transferred without refund of money. Same applies in the case someone cancels participation last minute (after the 14th of December). In case the seminar does not take place due to Kipos’s responsibility refund will be possible within 10 days.

For any clarifications or questions, please contact us by email, phone, through the contact form in this website or our facebook account.