• “waiting for the fisherman”

    “waiting for the fisherman”

    On the island some time ago. The teenagers’ group sits around in a circle. They are unaccompanied children, some of […]

  • telling/ listening to stories

    telling/ listening to stories

    Stories we choose to tell and the way we tell them form conscious actions. Each dialogue – written or spoken, […]

  • benches


    Benches are made so that they can host relationships: between one human and another, between humans and their surroundings or […]

  • narrative applications

    narrative applications

    Storytelling and therapy are first cousins. People in many places of the world do not tell stories just for fun, […]

  • trees and old women

    trees and old women

    Trees give us their shade. Some of them give us their fruit and leaves, their medicine, often their very own […]

  • between humans and bees

    between humans and bees

    What is the relationship between bees and humans? For producers, bees are directly related to their survival. Some respect them, […]